Zagreb City Museum

The Zagreb City Museum was founded by the Brethren of the Croatian Dragon Society in 1907

In the ninetieth year of its existence, 1997, the Museum opened what was only its sixth permanent exhibition, for the first time in restored and appropriate premises, making use of the state of the art in contemporary museum technology.

The exhibition shows the past of the City of Zagreb, from prehistory, traces of which were recently uncovered under the very building of the museum itself, to the present day.

The permanent exhibition is built around the objects that the Museum possesses. A modern approach to the creation and visualisation of the life of the city has led us to link the objects with the social context in which they once had their being. Wherever it has been possible, we have endeavoured to support the historicity of the theme by some authentic document.

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Castle Medvedgrad Excursion

In 13 century, when Medvedgrad was built, the most significant incident in Croatia was Tatars invasion, which devastated this area and left a deep mark in the memory of people of those days.

Medvedgrad, fortified feudal town, belonged to a system of fortresses which were supposed to secure and prevent yet another catastrophic ravage of Tatars troopers. It was built on a hill Mali Plazur. Medvedgrad was built in a very short period of time, and it marks itself with a high quality of construction. High artistic level and quality of construction are witnesses of a wealthy orderer.

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